Emprendiendo una Vida Mejor (EVM) - Honduras

Program name:


Emprendiendo una Vida Mejor (Undertaking a Better Life) – EVM






Selected municipalities of the Copán, Lempira and El Paraiso department

Start date:


I semester 2018



18 months



Yes, it is

Scale up contemplated?


Not defined yet

Component of a larger program?


To be defined

Participating households:



Targeting criteria

Base on area of residence (urban, rural, mixed)?


Based on gender?

Yes it is

Based on poverty line?

Yes, in extreme poverty

Based on another vulnerability?

Households receiving the cash transfer program Bono Vida Mejor but that soon will exit it because their sons will become full age (18 years).



Responsible government agency

Name: Subsecretaria de Integración Social

Ministry or superior entity to which it is attached to: To be defined

Coverage (national, regional): To be defined

Implementing institution

Name: Fundación Capital

States: Copán, Lempira and El Paraíso

Participant/”gestor” ratio: 60 p/g

Implementing team: To be defined


Other institutions

Subsecretaría de Integración Social (SSIS)

Escuela Agrícola Panamericana El Zamorano (Asistencia técnica)

Fondo Internacional para el Desarrollo Agrícola (FIDA)

Evaluation No. 1

Implementing Institution: CEDE Universidad de los Andes

Type: Impact Evaluation by Randomized Control Trial (RCT)


  • Survey to participants
  • Interviews/focus group with participants
Implementing institutions

The Centro de Estudios sobre Desarrollo Económico(CEDE) is one of the first and main research and consultancy centers on economic and social in Colombia. It is renowned for the quality and innovation of its research, for having a highly qualified professional and teaching team and for its impact on public policy issues in Colombia and the region.

Work Team

Jorge Maldonado

Principal Researcher

Michael Ross Carter


Rocío Moreno Sánchez


Viviana León-Jurado


Daniel Rodríguez

Research assistant

Christian Rozo

Research assistant

Luisa Fernanda Melo

Research assistant

Andrei Romero

Research assistant