In order to compare the studied programs, the Platform has developed three type of evaluation, which among other things, serve to standardize the assessments in each case. Each of these methodologies are explain below.

Process Evaluation

Systematic analysis of the Graduation Programs operation to identify how their processes and activities lead to the achievement of the results defined inthe desing, and detect bottlenecks and best practices during the implementation of processes and activities.

Outcomes Evaluation

The outcomes Evaluation shows how, and at what level, the intervention has achieved effective changes in the conditions, the behavior and the characteristics of program’s participants, so that their effectiveness can be compared to their costs.

Life Stories

The Life Story is a qualitative researchtechnique, partof the biographical method (SAnz, 2005) with which a narrative is built based on the story mae by an informant about his own life. This information is complemented along with the collection and analysis of additional information of the informant’s contextt, for example from documentary records and intervieews with people in the social  environment of the interviewee.